2019 Report: 40 under 40 to build resilience

As governments across Africa gathered for the UN-led Africa Climate Week in Ghana, simultaneously, 40 young African thought leaders, actors, and change makers from 11 countries across the African continent came together in South Africa with counterparts and experts from the United Kingdom. The aim of the roundtable dialogue was to provide a platform for the emerging generation of leaders to discuss how individuals, societies, and governments can become more resilient in their responses to climate change.

The UK, as a partner with Africa, is committed to lead on building resilience to climate change for the UN Secretary General ahead of his 2019 Climate Summit. Increasing the connections between the UK and Africa on climate is of enormous mutual benefit and this conference built on the existing partnerships and stimulated new ones. This renewed and modern UK-African partnership in turn can strengthen the case for international action.

Calling themselves #TheResilient40, this next generation of leaders created a platform to build momentum to face this threat and to improve climate resilience across Africa. They discussed how climate change is already affecting them and their societies, and developed ideas for solutions to increase resilience to face the threats ahead, sharing expertise across the continent. Each individual committed to taking their own actions to build resilience to climate change, equipped by the conference with knowledge, insights, and tools to allow them to mobilise their communities to increase resilience to climate change.

Download and read the 2019 Resilient40 report below that summarizes the excellent discussions that took place at the conference, and elaborates the key takeaway points.