Month: June 2019

Meet the Members: Michelle Hiestermann

Meet Michelle Hiestermann , uMhlathuze Water Stewardship Partnership Manager in South Africa, and member of the Resilient40. Michelle believes that climate resilience in Africa should take into account indigenous knowledge rooted in African history that is in synergy with our natural environment.

Meet the Members: Samuel Chademana

Meet Samuel Chademana , Senior Sustainability and Resilience Advisor at Auckland Council, and member of the Resilient40. Samuel believes that for the successful development and implementation of climate resiliency strategies, the key lies in systems change.

Meet the Members: Yvonne Maingey

Meet Yvonne Maingey – Kenyan specialist on climate change and adaptation, and member of the Resilient40. She looks at climate resilience from the angle of people’s empowerment, and believes that indigenous knowledge, people’s experience, and the people themselves, should be at the core of building climate resilience in African countries.

Meet the Members: Joshua Borokinni

Meet Joshua Borokinni, Nigerian climate activist, social innovator, and journalist who has a keen interest in sustainability and development reporting. Joshua is a member of the Resilient40. Joshua believes that the United Nations’ upcoming Climate Summit should focus on climate resilience and action-driven interventions for a planet that future generations can be proud to call their …

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Meet the Members: Happy Khambule

Meet Happy Khambule – Senior Political Advisor at Greenpeace Africa, and member of the Resilient40. Happy believes that it’s about high time that all youth voices should be listened to when it comes to the climate crisis, as in the not so distant future they will be taking on leadership roles from older generations.

Meet the Members: Diana Njeru

Meet Diana Njeru, Project Director at BBC Media Action in Nairobi, and member of the Resilient40. Diana uses communication and media to provide information to African communities that can help them act during humanitarian crises – much like the climate shocks and stresses experienced today.

Meet the Members: Clement Kandodo

Meet Clement Kandodo, founder of EcoGen in Lilongwe, Malawi, and member of the Resilient40. At the time of the 2019 conference, news of Cyclone Idai was flooding the airwaves, and Clement expresses the importance of building climate resilience to prevent the same scale of devastation in future extreme weather events.