2020 Report: Climate Change in Africa; Ethiopia

The Resilient40 met again in January 2020, to welcome old and new members to the network in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Three important actions took place during this meeting to strengthen the network:

Weaving connections: connecting these changemakers to one another and including an additional 20 changemakers from more African countries so that 29 African countries are now represented in this network.

Nourishing the network: creating greater connectivity between network members by allowing for opportunities to build trust and share information. These included formal plenary sessions on topics such as decarbonised development; nature-based solutions; resilient cities; disaster management; food security and finance for climate resilience. Informal activities to build trust included kayaking, face painting and indigenous food tasting. It was acknowledged during many of these sessions that the solutions for climate resilience may already be held within indigenous knowledge systems.

Illuminating the pioneering efforts: the second meeting of the Resilient40 included opportunities to illuminate the work of the changemakers so that more people will learn from them and create collective action. This included a meeting with the African Union and with the British Embassy in Ethiopia. This activity will continue with various opportunities to illuminate the changemakers’ work arising over the course of 2020, including representation at COP26.

Download the 2020 Resilient40 Report below: