Resilient 40 - The Changemakers

About Us

The Resilient40 is a network of youth climate and social activists that provides a formal platform for actively guiding and directing the voices and work of young people on climate change across the continent of Africa.

This network of change makers view the climate crisis as an additional motivation for the need for just transformation, while ‘resilience’ encompasses wider issues and agendas; social, community, natural, and global resilience to shocks or change.

The group was established in March 2019, when 40 youths from 11 Africans countries came together in South Africa with their counterparts from the United Kingdom for the 40 under 40 Climate Resilience Conference, aimed at exploring how individuals, societies, and governments can become more resilient in their responses to climate change. The group has since expanded to over 60 members and is representative of 29 African countries, following their second meeting in January 2020 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

The Resilient 40 is an Africa-UK partnership and it is essential that Africa leads this collaboration. This encompasses the creation of long term solutions to climate impacts while taking into account Africa’s demography, cultural diversity, indigenous knowledge, and how to positively evoke changes that integrate development, the people and their values without imposing changes – even if positive – that may lead to migration, ethnic clashes, environmental conflicts or inequalities. This approach asserts Africans in the centre of defining solutions for Africa by recognizing the need for inclusive participation, governance, strategies and approaches to strengthen climate resilience in Africa.

Our Vision

To create a platform of youth-inclusive participation across Africa to promote innovation, ideas, knowledge-sharing, collaboration and accountability in response to the current climate crisis.

Our Objectives

• Build internal capacity to be better able to strengthen the capability of members to formulate and implement resilience responses;
• Strengthen African youth voices to elevate the discourse on resilience
• Influence policy & governance frameworks around resilience
• Leverage on available resources & influence the disbursement of finance
• Promote the documentation of the impacts & vulnerabilities to climate change in order to support evidence-based approaches


"Solutions to climate change do not only come from research centers and laboratories but also through innovation by the people most affected" - Kofi Annan