Applications Open: Media For Climate Justice training

Are you an African youth journalist, storyteller, or content creator? Are you interested in producing media about climate change in Africa? Then Resilient40’s upcoming Media For Climate Justice training programme is for you!

Media For Climate Justice is a training programme for African youth journalists, storytellers, content creators and writers who report about issues on climate change. The aim of the programme is to strengthen the capacity of participants to report on relevant issues in a manner that can influence institutional and social change, and to support them in building a strong network of allies through collaboration and exchange of ideas.

In two sessions over two days, four experienced African journalists will take you through courses on:

  • How to acquire data
  • Shaping Narratives
  • Media for Climate Policy
  • Media for Climate Justice

Submit your application today!

This course will take place mid-April 2021. For any queries please contact project-lead Pato Kelesitse.