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Meet the Members: Diana Njeru

Meet Diana Njeru, Project Director at BBC Media Action in Nairobi, and member of the Resilient40. Diana uses communication and media to provide information to African communities that can help them act during humanitarian crises – much like the climate shocks and stresses experienced today.

Meet the Members: Clement Kandodo

Meet Clement Kandodo, founder of EcoGen in Lilongwe, Malawi, and member of the Resilient40. At the time of the 2019 conference, news of Cyclone Idai was flooding the airwaves, and Clement expresses the importance of building climate resilience to prevent the same scale of devastation in future extreme weather events.

Meet the members: Akufuna Muyunda

Meet Akufuna Muyunda, Co-Chair of the Resilient40 and a trained Climate Reality Leader. Akufuna engages the youth of Zambia through an organisation called Young Volunteers for the Environment. Akufuna believes that the young people of Africa are key to fostering sustainable development and creating much-needed resilient communities.